Miscellaneous Covers

Life Is a Trip by Judith Fein, for Spirituality & Health Books. I loved the Vietnamese bicyclist image right away, then was inspired to morph the stucco wall into a map of the world.

Cool! For MBI — The window in the jacket looks right through to the hard cover printed with cover thumbs. I'd originally drawn a 50s-era hot rod for the car shape, but they wanted something even more antique.

A Dictionary of Modern Star Names, for Sky & Telescope. Simple enough typography, but I really love the illustration -- I combined a sinusoidal projection of the night sky with pronunciation labels for the stars.

1000 Artisan Textiles, for Quarry Books. This was the first book that I wrote with my sister, Gina Brown. I also designed the cover and interior.

Simple Sewing, for CPi. I designed the cover only.

"Ready? OK!"

The first cover for the soul/body series from Spirituality & Health. This will be sold mainly as an eBook, I believe.

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