cooks' house: the art & soul of local, sustainable cuisine

I dine at this restaurant at every opportunity! I recommend you do so, also.

The Cooks' House is a fabulous restaurant in Traverse City, Michigan, lead by chefs Eric Patterson and Jennifer Blakeslee. Their focus is on using local, sustainable ingredients, and I’d long been a fan of the restaurant even before I was approached to handle the book design. The challenge was to incorporate all the elements: the chefs are very opinionated, and needed design treatments for ingredient and process comments, small sidebars, numbered pull quotes listing things that make a chef content (which are scattered throughout the book), and thoughtful essays – in addition to the usual procedures, intros, and ingredients lists. The book is organized seasonally (of course!), so the color palette goes a long way to helping reader navigation. Mario Batali made a point of telling me personally that he thought it was a great design!

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